Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install the Correct-ED add-on?
Installing the add-on is very easy. You just need to follow the easy steps below:
  • Go to the Correct-ED Google Docs Add-on page by clicking here
  • Then click the button
  • You will encounter a “Request for Permission” popup page. Review the information you share with Correct-ED and click on “Allow” button to continue
  • Voilà! You have successfully installed your Correct-ED add-on. Now, you should see “Correct-ED” under “Add-ons” menu in Google docs. All you have to do is to click on “Start”
  • Lastly, select your role: “Teacher” or “Student”
  • That’s it! On the right hand side of your screen, Correct-ED should open. We hope you enjoy using it and find it helpful
I am a teacher, and I want to review my students’ papers with Correct-ED. Should my students install Correct-ED before I read and correct their papers with Correct-ED?
Yes, you and your students should install Correct-ED to be able to read and correct your students’ papers. If a student has not installed the Correct-ED add-on, you will not be able to correct that student’s paper via Correct-ED. We recommend that you ask your students to install the Correct-ED add-on in advance. You can invite your students to download the add-on via sharing this link.
I am a student. How will I see my teacher’s comments and corrections on Correct-ED?
All you have to do is to open the document that your teacher had reviewed and also the Correct-ED add-on. Automatically, Correct-ED will display the corrections and comments that your teacher had done on your paper.
Is Correct-ED FREE to use?
Downloading and using the add-on is completely FREE for both teachers and students.
Does Correct-ED only work on Google documents?
For now, Correct-ED is only supporting Google documents. Based on our users’ feedback and demands, we will decide where to expand our technology. We would love to hear your views and feedback. Please write to us.
I came across a problem while using the add-on./I want to give feedback./I love using Correct-ED and want to say thank you. Where should I write?
You can report any issues, suggestions, comments here